Skin Care Faves!
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Hi, my name is Margaret and I am a product junkie. My cupboards are filled with an excess with of products whether it's for hair care or skin care, I have it all in abundance. I'm that friend that you love to visit and rummage through their cupboards to see what you can 'borrow'. The one thing I love trialling is skin care products, I have combination skin (dry/oily) so I love finding products that can deal with both problems areas, without having to make a concoction. I thought I’ll take you through my favourites, the products I always find myself going back to. 

Face Masks

Face Masks

I love my face masks, especially sheet masks. I love plopping one on, on a Sunday afternoon popping on a film and relaxing while the masks gets to work.  My Fave masks are:

Garnier, they have a range of sheet masks with the main aim of targeting hydration but they also each have ingredients to cater to all types of skin care needs. I like using the Blue Moisture Bomb mask and the Pink Moisture Bomb mask(£2.99). I pop these masks in the fridge before using so that the cold can help soothing any inflammation and irritation.

Next up are two products I mix to use as one mask. These two products hold their own separately but together they are gold! Their Radiant Glow mask, (£20),looks and smells like chocolate which is part of why I love it I get to indulge without eating. It is the No.1 product of mine that seems to go 'missing' when I have visitors. This mask has coconut granules for exfoliating to shift dead skin to smooth the skin. I use this along with their Cleansing Melt, (£20),to provide my skin with an extra boost of hydration. Due to the cleansing, when I wash the mask combination off I just need a light moisturiser as the cleansing melt, as I have the extra hydration.

Primark has surprised me with their skincare, they have quite a selection of masks. I was very cautious with trying it out, but I thought for 80p-£2 for a mask I couldn't risk missing out!  I tend to favour two of their masks, their Charcoal & Black Sugar scrub and the Cucumber Peel off mask (80p each).  Sometimes I get their bubble mask just for the fun it, I mean who does wouldn't want to look like a marshmallow.

I use the Charcoal mask due to the exfoliating properties of the black sugars, while the peel off mask is great for purifying and cleansing.


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My skincare routine has varied over the last year and a bit but these accessories will forever be a staple in my skincare game. 

The Olay Cleansing Brush has been a lifesaver ever since I introduced it to my routine. There are several different types of cleansing/exfoliating brushes out there, I have seen some market for £85+. I luckily found mine at Costco for £20 and it came with four extra brush heads. 

I like using this brush every morning to give my face a deeper clean. When I'm not using the brush I use Bea Skin Clinic's Konjac Sponge's (£24). Bea Skin infuses their sponges with zinc, copper and folic acid as well as vitamins A, C, D, B1, B2, B12. As well as being infused with vitamins the sponges also have natural bamboo charcoal added to it to which is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.


Another gem from Evolve beauty is their Hyaluronic Serum, (£30). Now, this was a game changer for me, I have only been using it for 2-3 months but I wish I knew about it earlier. This serum was a gem when it came to the weather not know what it wanted to do when the cold weather was drying up my skin this serum provided me with much-needed hydration. The serum is not thick, my face seems to soak it up like a sponge and it doesn't leave any residue.


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An oil I know, I used to avoid oily products scared that it will leave me looking greasy. I use Afro Hair and Skin Co's Flow Oil (£19.50) every night. I believe that it has evened out the hyperpigmentation I have on my face. My skin does not feel oily or greasy after use but very soft and hydrated. I can not live without this as my night moisturiser.


This facial treatment is aesthetically not for the faint-hearted due to its blood red colour. The Ordinary is a budget-friendly skincare brand. I use The Ordinary's Peeling solution, (£6.30), which is essentially a chemical peel that does not break the bank. The acids in this treatment act as exfoliants to aid in improving uneven textures. It also uses Hyaluronic Acid (my new best friend) which hydrates the skin,

You are advised to use it no more than twice a week but I tend to use this every two weeks as it is too strong for me to use weekly. I love how smooth my skins feels after using and days after too. 

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