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I’m starting a brand new series on the blog; I’m on the search for the perfect foundation. From the perfect shade to the right amount of coverage. Every fortnight on Friday, I will post a new foundation with my thoughts on it. 

I have combination skin, so I'd like a foundation that’s able to cater to my skin's needs. One that’s moisturising and doesn’t clog up my pores. I like my foundation to have medium coverage but is easily buildable to full coverage. And it's finished must be semi-matte, not a fan of matte finishes as I feel those foundations are a bit drying to my skin. I do not intend on spending any more than £50 on a bottle.  

This week's contender is NYX Total Control Drops Foundation, in the shade 21 Cocoa.   This shade is said to be a deep shade with red undertones.  NYX Total Control Drops retail for £14 for 13ml.


It claims to be a foundation that can provide a sheer to full coverage with a soft velvet finish. 

The consistency of the foundation really took me by surprise. It's not as thick as usual foundations and is just slightly thicker than water.  Due to its consistency, I didn't expect much in terms of coverage. 

The foundation dispenses via a dropper, which I found easy to use. On the base of the box, it gives you directions on how many drops to use get what type of coverage. I used just a couple drops as advised for medium coverage. 

I tried to apply the foundation with a stipple brush, but I preferred how smooth the application was with a beauty sponge.  The foundations finish is a soft matte as described, not drying as some matte foundations are, it also has a slight glow/dewiness to it.

I really tested the foundations staying power when I wore it for a long shift at wotk (8-8) . I was surprised by how it looked at the end of the day. It wasn't perfect but it really held its own. I would say the optimum time to wear the foundation is around 4/5 hours for a flawless finish.


Overall, I'd rate NYX Control Drops 3.5 out of 5. The finish is very close to what I am looking for and its coverage it easy to build. But it's consistency is something I really struggled with. When applying it with a brush I found that the foundation was hard to move around and blend, so I was getting a very patchy finish.  I need a foundation that works well with both a beauty sponge and brushes.

What's your go to foundation?

What foundation would you like to see me try out next?