Curly By Nature Salon Visit

Curly By Nature is a natural hair brand ran by Klerissa McDonald. Curly by Nature has a host of natural hair products as well a hair salon attached to it which specialises in natural hair. Klerissa has been trained to work with all hair types by has chosen to specialise in natural hair.

Curly by nature is definitely one of a kind, whether its the handmade hair products or the hair salon experience. Your visit to the salon is a personalised one to one experience with Klerissa, all attention and care is directed to you and your hair to ensure that all your needs are attended to.


My visit started with a warm welcome and an offer of herbal tea, coffee or water. Then in order for Klerissa to get familiar your hair, Klerissa wanted to know what my hair routine is, types of products my hair likes and dislikes and what my hair goals; whether its maintain healthy length or volume. Then a shock to my system Klerissa really got familiar with my hair and went through my hair to see what shes working with and to familiarise herself with my hair scalp. I was a little self conscious about this as I suffer from a dry scalp and had kind of been neglecting my hair had was suffering for a heavy amount of hair loss due to stress. But all that aside I was surprised that my hair seem healthy despite my qualms.

Once my consultation was over, Klerissa decided that I needed a treatment and would finish it off with styling my hair.


While washing my hair, Klerissa even threw in a nice cheeky head massage. I was so at ease with the environment that I found myself dozing off. When I finally woke up I found my hair to be finger detangled. Once that was washed out the treatment was put into my hair and I was placed under a steamer ( and I wasn’t left there for 10yrs and forgotten about). Once my time was up I was given a light blow dry and trim. I can’t remember the last time I had my hair cut or trimmed professionally. So this was a relief to have my hair freshened up without me having to get scissor happy. As I tend to avoid applying heat to my heat it was a surprise to see my hair length minus all that lovely shrinkage side eye.

Klerissa then worked her magic and put my hair into a lovely up-do which was a mixture of twists and canerows. It made me fall in love with my natural all over again. The beauty and versatility of it all. plus having coloured my hair not longer before the visit it added a lil’ something something to the final style.


Throughout this whole process, every thing that had been stopping me from visiting a hair salon for the past 6 years did not happen. Not once did I have to wait halfway through getting my hair done for someone else’s hair to get started. No loud phone calls, no loud overbearing music or being told that as I have natural hair I’ll be charged extra. Klerissa even asked me what type of music I was into so that she could have it playing in the background during the session. The whole experience hands down is what I’d love for all salon visits to be like, I am sure we’d have more people running back to salons if it was. I can’t wait for my next visit to the Curl By Nature Salon to give my hair a nice lil boost with a treatment and trim.


Priced at £75+ for treatment and additional styles, I feel like its more than worth it, from start to finish the customer service provided by Klerissa is A*. I truly recommend trying out Curly by Nature whether its a salon visit or using their products to see a difference in you hair health. This visit has left me wanting to visit more natural hair salons in the hope of similar experiences. What hair salon do you frequent?