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Just to Clarify

Moments with M
Just to Clarify

I was out shopping walking past Lush and the scent was calling me to come into the store I couldn't ignore it. 

I love Lush products, I have pretty much tried out all their bath and shower products but I have never ventured into their facial/skincare products. possibly a surprise to no one I started with their masks (if you didn't know I love Masks!) I picked up two masks, a jelly and Cupcake a chocolate face mask.

I picked up 'Just To Clarify' because I was intrigued by the concept of a Jelly Mask.


The mask costs £6.95, it contains:

  • Papaya, for brightening
  • Bamboo stem, for exfoliating 
  • Grapefruit & Bergamot helps uplift your mood
  • Powered Charcoal, soothes and is antibacterial
  • Orange Juice, perks you up



As the mask is in 'jelly' form you have to work the mask in your palm until it forms a paste and then apply it to your face. 


After waiting the stated it is advised to wash the mask off with warm water. Follow this! if you use cold water you will struggle and it'll take a while to wash it off. 


I found my skin a lot smoother, I also found the days after using it that my skin would get compliments. I was told I looked more awake and my skin had a glow to it.


The bamboo stem (the exfoliant) is the star of this mask I feel like it really worked at shifting dead skin and making my face look and feel smoother. To me, it doesn't really have a scent. As much as I love fragranced products I am a bit iffy about having products that aren't natural scented on my face, I feel that the perfume added creates a film on my skin, which can lead to a breakout. 

I love this mask I just wish that it had a longer shelf life. One tube I would say had approx. 8 uses but had the shelf life of two weeks, which I am assuming is due to the nature of the ingredients and the lack of preservatives.



I would rate this mask 4/5, I would love to give the mask a 5 but a downfall for me was when i was washing off the mask I struggled to completely wash off the small exfoliants (bamboo stem) I had to use cotton pads to clean the excess off. The shelf life is another downfall for me is the shelf life. As much as I love my masks I dont want to be using them any more than twice a week. Its unfortunate that I'd have to throw away some of the product.  I will be buying this mask again I love the results I've seen after using it.

Have you tried any Lush skincare products? What is your favourite?