Everyone who has naturally curly hair suffers from some type of shrinkage, some more than others. When I started out on my natural journey I absolutely hated my shrinkage. I'd blow out my hair but as soon as moisture or humidity hit my hair BAM my hair turns into an afro puff. You tend to hear new naturals saying phrases like 'shrinkage is the work of the devil' or 'I hate my shrinkage'

There is also some stigma that natural hair does not grow because all people see are a bunch of heads full of shrunken hair. Shrinkage can be very deceiving, but it is a good thing. It is a sign that your hair is healthy. 

For over a year, I had not put any type of heat on my hair and started to embrace my shrinkage. I loved it. I loved waiting to do a length check and seeing the shock on other people's faces when I tell them or they see how long my hair actually is. 

As I said before shrinkage is a sign of healthy hair. The tighter your curls are the more you'll see shrinkage. Shrinkage occurs your hair absorbs a lot of moisture

I personally love my shrinkage, I love getting strands of hair, stretching it and checking my actual length and watching it bounce back next to a few inches, like a secret between me and my hair. I have learnt to love and embrace my hair in every form it is in.