MourMour Creme Product Testing


A few months ago, MourMour Creme was looking for some product testers to try out their new range of products that have been recently released.
I was one of the lucky few that were lucky to be gifted with full-size testers

I have been a fan of MourMour Crème products for a while now, their MourMint is a staple in my hair regime, I was excited to hear Kimoni (MMC founder) was releasing new products and was delighted to be one of the first to get their hands on it.

I was able to trial the new avocado and aloe leave in conditioner along with one of their hair oils and scalp oil containing apricot & rosemary oils.

Rosemary + Apricot Scalp Oil: £9.99
This is the first time I had ever used apricot in a hair product. Its said that its benefits are stimulating hair growth while making hair softer and more pliable and reducing dryness of your scalp. Rosemary is used to prevent dandruff and dry scalp. The oil comes with a nozzle which is perfect for directing the oil onto your scalp. My number one issue with my hair is my scalp. It is very dry and I have visible flaking. While using this oil the flakes and the dryness of my scalp has reduced dramatically.  The combination of the two oils are perfect it makes my hair shine and it feels so soft.

Aloe & Avocado Leave-in Conditioner: £11.99
The leave in conditioner has a very light, almost mousse-like texture with a very light earthy smell. This is the first time I have used that works on both damp and dry hair. I find it very easy to detangle and manage my hair with the leave in. I find that my protective styles held longer and gave my hair a lustre.

After trialling both of these products, I am definitely keeping them as part of my hair routine. It has made me want to try out MourMour Creme's other products. MourMour Creme is inexpensive so it doesn't harm your pockets if you want to trial their products. I will be trying out their Body Oils next!
Do you use MMC products, what do you use?

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