Yemoja Eyeshadow Palette


Recently I attended Beautycon London, I had got loads of goodies from the event. I was gifted an eyeshadow palette by my best friend, from the OPV Beauty Stand. I have been stanning over this palette for quite a while. Its the palette my dreams are made of.

The palette is inspired by a Nigerian goddess 'Yemoja' she is known as the protectress of women and childbirth. There are 12 colours in this palette; 3 foils, 4 shimmers and 5 mattes. I have found to get a good pay off, it is better to use your finger to apply the foils. The shades of the palette are named after 12 Nigerian Orishas (gods and goddesses).

Nana (Grandmother of Orishas) - this the first foil of the palette, it's a creamy copper.
Mawu (creator goddess) - a matte light orange.
Oba (Orisha of the river) - like its name it's a royal blue shimmer
Yewa (fertility) - a rich matte brown
Ayao (Orisha of the air) - light pink mixed with golden shimmer
Eko - matte brick red
Ogun (Warrior, Orisha of Iron) -  the second foil a simple gold
Oko (Orisha of agriculture)- a forest green shimmer
Oya (Orisha of Winds and death/rebirth)- matte reddish brown
Oyo (Orisha of Thunder) - the last foil is another copper, but more on the pink side
Osun (Orisha of Love and sweetness)-  a metallic red
Iwo (a town in Osun state)- deep brown

Priced at £29, I feel you get your money's worth, I didn't experience a lot of fallout while using it and the colours are very pigmented, so I don't find myself layering on the colours for it to show up on my skin. I love how the shades are related to there name, like Oba being a royal blue like a river and Osun being red like love. My favourite colours in the palette will have to be Oko, Oba and Eko. I love how they look in the palette and how they apply and look on my skin. Through my research, I also came to learn that OPV is a UKBOB, which is a plus as you know I'm all for supporting black-owned businesses. 

I have created look below with this palette I used Eko on my crease, Oba on my outer eye and Oyo and Ayao in my inner eye, with Maybelline Master Ink in White. I used Oba on my lips with NYX Havana as a base and using Ogun a lip highlighter. nmn 

So what do you guys think of the palette? Whats your favourite eyeshadow palette at the moment?

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