Festive Frames


Last month I was lucky enough to be able to attend Vision Express' Festive Frames Blogger Event in central London. This is the first Blogger event I have been excited to attend as I need glasses to get bt and my glasses definitely need an upgrade (over 3 years overdue)
The event took place at the Oxford Street Vision Express Branch, this was my first time attending vision express as I was a customer at another branch that I was not much of a fan of their customer's service which was one of the reasons I had taken forever to get my eyes tested again.

The aim of the event was to find the perfect frame for the Christmas season. Along with getting new glasses, which were picked out with the help of celebrity stylist, Gemma Sheppard, (unfortunately I arrived too late to have my consultation with Gemma).

I had my eye tested, and like I said before it was needed. The eye tests were carried out by Henry and Natasha. I loved how friendly they were. Natasha put me at ease, we spent most of the appointment talking about places to visit and eat in Milton Keynes (shes an ex-resident) and the best place to online shop we spoke about ASOS for ages. As expected my eyesight had worsened and now they are finally as bad as each other.

Can't take me anywhere, enjoying my new frames.
After that I was taken to get a makeup consultation with  Nadia Persaud, to show me ways to get my eye makeup to stand up while wearing glasses. When it comes to eyeshadow I tend to be very conservative but I gave Nadia free reign just to see if I could actually pull it off if I tried it.

Nadia went with a galaxy inspired look using purples, blues and a hint of green. I fell in love with it. I had a lil' selfie photoshoot later on that night before I had a chance to wipe it off.

Following my make up consultation, I got to pick out my new frames, there was a range of colours and shapes to choose from. I had already told myself I will venture away from black/grey frames that I usually pick. I tried on some cat eye frames, aside from looking a little too much like a librarian they were not the right size for my face. I chose a pair of glasses by 'D by D'. the shape is very similar to my older frames as they are both rectangular but these are slightly larger and purple in colour. A perfect fit for this festive season.

On top of holding a great event, Vision Express also gifted us with a great goody bag, (I made a Blogger 101 error and forget to take pics of them). The goody bag contained a Superdry sports bottle and Superdry Sunglasses. The Sports bottle has become a staple in my gym bag and the sunglasses have come at a perfect time as I'll need them to enjoy the winter sun on my holidays in a few weeks.
There was also a spare glasses case with wipes, a pen (you never can have too many pens), a lens cleaner spray. There was also a lovely tote bag from Ted Baker along with a glasses accessory, it's not quite a pin so I am using it as a bookmark.

My experience with Vision Express was great customer service can't be beaten, I have definitely made Vision Express my options of choice.
If you want to try out Vision Express, you can get a free eye test if you book an appointment online. (offer available until December 31st, 2017)

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