My last blogpost before my Curly Treats Post was in mid-June, thats a good two months between the two posts.  I went M.I.A on all fronts, social media and from my social life.

Truth is, I am a hypocrite. I preach self love and self care but rarely do I get the time to actually look after myself.

I started this year on a high, I was taking time out to recharge, but then things started piling up I couldn't take time out to do anything. I had been getting stress from all angles of my life. You can imagine working within the NHS, work is constantly short staffed so I was doing quite a few extra hours, on top of those hours I was training someone for over three months that refused to retain information.

On top of that I am also running an event planning business on my own as well as trying to keep consistent with the blog and stress from my personal life. I was getting mentally and physically exhausted, I had to start cutting things out and make looking after myself a priority.
I always feel guilty taking time out for myself, I always tend to worry about others before myself. It took me being physically sick to wake up and realise that I have to slow down and treat myself as No. 1.
I gave the training to someone else to handle, I reduced the amount of extra hours I was doing, I even stopped drafting posts or doing anything blog related. I even went as far as taking a couple days off just to fully recharge and it was for the best after my little hiatus stint I felt so much better I may not be 100% but that's a work in progress.

So whether you are in College, Uni or working DO NOT be afraid to say no to overtime, extra work or even plans with your friends, the world will keep spinning either way.
If everything is getting too much for you, find support make sure you are surrounding yourself with people that understand you need some time out, that may even be able to help you through your stressful times.

Always put yourself first.

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