Product Review: Flora & Curl - Curl Refresh Clay Wash


At Curly Treats Festival, I came across a new brand, Flora & Curl. Flora & Curl is a UK black owned business that launched earlier this year and already thriving. Flora & Curl is an artisan hair care brand that uses only natural ingredients and fragrances.

Flora & Curl currently has four products available; a Clay wash, a hydrating hair mist, citrus hair oil and a hair butter. As I was trying to limit my spending, I  bought their clay wash as I always wanted to introduce clay washes and masks into my routine.

Priced at £16.50, along with the clay wash you also receive a mixing bowl, measuring spoons and a mixing spatula.

I had recently applied heat to my hair and was starting to get a build up of product so I was hoping to use the clay wash to clarify my hair to give it a clean fresh start.

As I haven't used Clay washes or masks before I thought I decided against deviating from the instructions given. Clear and simple instructions are provided on the back of the bottle. The fact the product comes with a mixing bowl and spatula as  measuring spoons are a big bonus for me.

I did double up on the clay as what was stated on the instructions would barely cover half of my hair. I couldn't get the mixture to be smooth but that didn't really phase me as it is all going to wash off. 

When the clay is mixed with the water the clay turns from its pale gray colour in powder form to a greenish brown colour. Once applied the clay didn't feel heavy on my hair, it was lightly fragranced. I can't really pinpoint what the scent reminds me of. I couldn't really get the minty notes that other people have said they could smell.
I left the mask on for approx 30 mins, I expected to be standing in the shower for forever and a day to wash out all the clay mask, but this was not the case here at all. I probably spent no longer that 5 minutes rinsing out all of the clay.

As you can see from the picture below, before adding any product I saw definition to my curls my hair even had a slight shine to it and it felt ever so soft.

I give the Flora & Curl: Curl Refresh Coconut Mint Clay Wash, a 4/5 the product does work and has opened my eyes to trying out and incorporating Clay Masks/Washes to my hair routine. My issues with the product are its price and the amount you get for the price (currently sold online for £17). Following their instructions, I'd probably be able to get 3 or at a stretch 4 more washes out of this bottle. I understand you are paying for the quality of the ingredients with this brand rather than the quantity.

I will definitely be using this product again but whether I'll purchase it again, is up in the air. If I do it will probably be as a treat.

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