Gro Healthy: Shea and Coconut


Now this post was supposed to be out months ago, before my lil' Hiatus from social media.

Earlier this year, I was sent the new Shea & Coconut line by Gro Healthy. I had previously sampled some of these products, as their samples had featured in a few event goody bags. The Shea and Coconut line is for usage on both natural and relaxed hair. The only product from the line I haven't used (or have) is their 'Smooth Edges' Edge Control as I don't tend to put much product on my edges I leave them be.
I had previously purchased the line's oil, as well as their frizz fighter not long before receiving the other products in the line. 

The Shea & Coconut Line includes:

Moisturising Shampoo 
- Contains no sulphates 
- Cleanses your hair as well as your scalp

Moisture Rich Conditioner
- Conditioning treatment for your hair 
- Provides Hair with hydration to give it strength and shine
- Contained Shea Butter and Coconut milk that penetrates hair strands providing maximum protection, strength and shine.

Leave in Conditioner
- Evens out the hair porosity of the hair shaft
- Makes hair 'manageable' for styling
- Leaves hair soft and shiny

Frizz Fighter
- Can be used as a heat protectant 
- Reduces Frizz

Curling Custard
- Provides curl definition 
- Moisturises hair
- Only Product in the line targeted at natural/curly hair.

Shea & Coconut Oil
- Multifunctional, can be used on skin as well as hair
- Help protect hair from harsh external environment 
- Can be used daily to provide moisture & shine 

The Shea & Coconut line has 3 key ingredients that aids healthy hair growth
Omega 3 - rebuilds + strengthen hair 
Coconut Oil - promotes growth, moisturises hair and gives hair shine
Shea - soothes scalp + nourishes hair roots
The products in this line also contain no petroleum, mineral oils, sulphates or parabens which are detriment to the growth of healthy hair.

I have been using moisturising shampoo & moisture rich conditioner for my wash days. The shampoo does exactly what it says. My hair didn't feel dry but did feel clean. It lathers up well and I know I have a big head but its not that big as I felt I need quite a bit of product to cover all of my hair.
The moisture rich conditioner really was the business for me. My hair is just like me its very stubborn and detangling it is a often a big chore for me. The first time I detangled my hair with the conditioner in and I had to stop and pause due to pure shock. I have never detangled my hair and the comb goes straight through it. It wasn't a one off each time I have used the conditioner, detangling was so easy.

After washing my hair, I use the leave-in conditioner and a small amount definitely goes a long way. I recently used the frizz fighter as I wanted to test its heat protecting properties. I haven't used heat on my hair in over two years, so I didn't have much expectations that it'll work. Blow drying my hair was easy, I think thats credit to detangling with their conditioner now taking a lot of the stress out of styling hair. I did test a section to see whether it'll revert back to my normal curls with water and it did!! No heat damage! I apply some oil for some added shine after blow drying.

Overall, I am very happy with this range. The products are very lightweight and for the majority of them a little goes a long way. The conditioner made detangling a dream for me, this in conjunction with shampoo left my hair feeling clean and my hair moisturised. 
The line is very affordable, with products ranging in price from £3-5. Being sulphate and paraben free is also a big bonus for me with this line.
On top of everything, it smells heavenly, the scent reminds of juicy fruit chewing gum, the yellow one but 10x better, very tropical. 
Me being me I have to be greedy, I do wish that the bottles for the shampoo + conditioner were a bit larger as I get through the bottles rather quickly.

Overall, I would give this range 4.5/5, the conditioner really won me over. Along with the oil & frizz fighter. I do wish the range extended slightly and made a deep conditioner/treatment.

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