Product Review: Eyoko Hair Butter


Eyoko Hair Butter is a product by an independent brand that is a UK Black Owned Business. This hair butter is currently the only product that Eyoko sells, priced at £6 it is definitely worth trying.

I had received this product while I had my hair in braids so I couldn't really incorporate the hair butter into my hair routine. What I did do while my hair was in braids, I used the butter on my scalp when it was feeling and looking a little dry. The butter itself isn't heavy, when I took out my braids I did not see massive build up of product on my hair. And my hair itself did not feel as dry compared to other times after taking out braids.

While my hair was out I used the butter as a 'moisturiser' for hair at night. I love the fact that my hair didn't feel oily or weighed down after application of the butter.
Before and After 2 Months of using Eyoko Hair Butter

I personally haven't seen much difference to my hair, in regards to growth and definition. My hair has grown while using the Hair Butter but I don't know if I can attribute it to using this product. I do feel that my scalp does not look and feel as dry as before, which has always been an issue for me, so that's a plus.

I give this product 3.5/5.
I love the fact that all the ingredients of the Hair Butter are natural and that it also contains Biotin which is a vitamin that is vital for the growth of hair and skin.
Everyone knows I'm a fan of any product that has a nice scent. The butter had an earthy scent which I could smell mainly carrot oil and lavender.
I will continue to use the butter on my scalp, but I was expecting so much more from this hair butter as it has so many beneficial ingredients, like Coconut, Shea and Avocado Oil. I do have to say what doesn't work for me, may work for you, so I do urge you to try it out for yourself. At £6 per tub you won't be breaking the bank to try it out.

 Have you tried Eyoko? What are you thoughts on it? How do you use it?

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