Five Tips for Attending Blogger Events


June 3rd marked the first event for Black British Bloggers. The Black British Bloggers Network hosted #BBBSocial which was coordinated by yours truly (under Moments With M Events). Mariam and I were able to produce an event to be proud of. On the day a handful of the bloggers had been blogging for a while but did not know what to expect from a blogger event.
Having been to a few blogging events (#blogconLDN and Bloggers Xmas) and planning one, I'm going to give you a few hints and tips on how to prepare for a blogger's event.

1. Business Cards
One objective of these blogging events is to network, whether its with brands or fellow bloggers. Make sure your cards have all your information, if there is enough space without making it look crowded include your social media links.
Remember there are two sides to a business card use both sides, one side being your blog name along with your blog tagline or a brief summary of what you blog about. Try to make your business card stand out a brands will receive a lot of cards on the day.
Do not make the mistake of ordering your cards a week before the event as anything can happen during that week that can delay your cards, leaving you empty handed on the day of the event.
2. Buddy Up
If you are anxious about attending the event alone, search the events hashtag . There are always a handful of people who are attending alone looking for people to meet up with before the event so they can go to the event together.

3. Social Media Chats
Most events will have a hashtag and will host either a Facebook or Twitter chat before the event. The benefit of these chats are to put yourself out there, get to know other blogger attending. Sometimes brands attending will contribute to these chats so its good to get a convo going with them to use as an opening when you see them in person on the day.

4. Be Prepared
Plan out your day. Most events have workshops running throughout the day that you'll want to attend, so leave yourself with enough time to get to the venue with enough extra time just in case you get held up or lost.
Wear comfortable shoes, you spend a good part of the day walking and standing around.
A Blogger's nightmare is your battery dying on you or running out of memory, so make sure you have spare batteries and memory cards. Even bring along a spare portable charger for your mobile as you'll probably be covering the event on your social media.

5. Be Brave
When attending these events your aim is to gain something, whether its to gain some direction and perspective with your blog or to network with others. You have to put yourself out there, ask the questions on your mind, don't hold back from being yourself. 

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