Bouclème Product Review


I was recently sent Boucleme's curl range. This is a brand I have heard quite a bit about and have been dying to try it out. But I have had my doubts as their range seems to be directed more towards looser curl types. So I was unsure whether their line would work on my hair or if my hair would even like the products.

Boucleme products aim to hydrate and strengthen you hair, it does so by not containing any silicone, sulphates or parabens or even any artificial fragrances, these are all harsh substances that can cause damage to your hair. Boucleme have a 3 step system to ensure that the management of your curls are as simple as possible; cleanse, condition, define.
Their packaging designs are very minimalistic, basic block colours for the range which allows the brand to stand out amongst other products.

Their range contains:

Curl Cleanser
'Zero foam for maximum hydration! Cleanses curls without stripping away moisture. Free from sulphates, silicones and parabens.'

Hydrating Curl Cleanser
'A mild sulphate free foaming cleanser. Cleanses scalp whilst strengthening & nourishing hair.'

Curl Defining Gel 
'Extracts of Aloe Vera and Linseed smooth and define curls giving all day frizz control and great curl definition.'

Curl Conditioner
'Packed with 100% natural botanical to restore optimum moisture to dry frizzy curls. Perfect for all curl types'

Curl Cream
'Quench dry and dehydrated curls with our all new moisture rich Curl Cream'

My favourite go to protective styles are twists/twist out and bantu knots. I have perfected these styles using other products, so I'd love to see how Boucleme products hold up.

1. Cleanse
Boucleme has two cleansers, a 'Curl Cleanser' and a 'Hydrating Curl Cleanser'. I've been trying out their Hydrating Curl Cleanser. Their cleansers are non-foaming so it was very different comparing it to my regular shampoo. It took me a while to realise it was non foaming as I kept on adding more cleanser expecting it to start foaming up. It also had a light fragrance, that is slightly earthy. The cleanser left my scalp feeling clean , it felt very gentle on my hair and scalp.

2. Condition
Next after washing out all the cleanser, its time to condition, using the Curl Conditioner, which contains argan + aloe. The conditioner states that it can be used as a leave in conditioner for thicker curl types. So what I did is was initially detangle and rinse out the conditioner and then added a little bit of conditioner to slightly damp to act as a leave in conditioner.
The conditioner has slip but not as much as I am used to with most conditioners, I found it slightly difficult to detangle my hair. But surprisingly my hair still felt hydrated and i was able to see more definition to my hair.

3. Style
Once my hair was pretty much dry, I combined a little of the Curl Cream and Curl Defining Gel. I applied that through my hair and then separated my hair and twisted it, adding more product to my hair when needed. The Curl Defining Gel did not flake this could be due to the gel containing aloe vera.
My twist outs lasted the whole week with out having to re-twist. The definition of the twist out was very consistent throughout the week.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised with how hydrated my hair felt after a month's usage of the line. I will definitely be incorporating the curl cream and curl defining gel into my routine. But I am currently on the fence whether  I will be purchasing the products as they are priced at £15 - £19 for 300ml bottles.
For those of you that do want to try out their products, Boucleme offers a travel kit for £22 which contains 3 100ml bottles of the Curl Cleanser, Curl Conditioner and the Curl Defining Gel.

Have you tried out Boucleme, what were your thoughts? M x

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