Saw this tag wondering round a few blogs and thought it would be a fun quick post to do as its my birthday. Enjoy!

1)-  My Nickname –  Lara/Lar/Elle, by my family and Maggie B or Marge by friends
2)- My Eye Colour – Dark Brown
3)- My Hair Colour – Brown/Black with Light brown/gingerish tips from whats left of red hair dye.
4)- One Fact About Me – I am best friends with my bed. Honestly most of my free time is spent sleeping. 
5)- My Favourite Colour – Purple. I love the colour, its associated with royalty, mystery and independence.
6)- Favourite Place –  I don't really have a favourite place yet I still have several places on my wishlist to visit.
7)- My top Celebrity – hmm i think I'd have to say Tamar Braxton she's just so entertaining to watch and is very gif worthy.
8)- My Favourite TV Show – Dr Who. I have no shame to say I am a proud Whovian 
9)- My top Song – At the moment it's Con te Partiro (Time to say goodbye) by Andrea Bocelli and Sara Brightman
10)- My top Movie – I love my Disney films, my go to is Lilo and Stitch.

I tag anyone and everyone to do this, send me links to your posts would love to know more about you guys.

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