An interview with My Ebony Box


Recently I came across a new subscription box service. This box is different from those out there as its targeted to women of colour
Congrats on officially launching your lifestyle box. Who is behind My Ebony Box?
My name is Jenaitre I am 31 year old creative. I have a degree in Fashion Marketing & communication. I am a mumprenur to my prince who is 7 years of age.
I am a very creative and visual person. I have previous experience in graphic design, visual merchandising, creative consultancy and art facilitation. I also run my own personalised mug and gift company in my spare time.
I started my Ebony Box because I have struggled for years with judging myself on a European standard, I struggled from childhood continuing into womanhood with the battle of what I considered beautiful. One of the main issues I have experienced is for many of my adult years I have still felt unaccepted, after flicking threw endless magazines and getting samples not suited to my skin, models and celebrities who are black rarely making an appearance in society as though we do not exist.  I as a black woman and many others experience at some point in their life a sense of questioning what beauty actually is.
I also suffer from Epilepsy and dyslexia and have previously suffered from depression, which has put up barriers at times in my life where I didn’t need them too, leading me to feel like I am not considered beautiful.
Turning 30 has been a turning point for me I feel as though I became more driven than ever to create a lifestyle that worked for myself when many previous jobs hadn’t worked because of my illness. I have become more spiritual and in tune to my culture.
For the first time in 18 years I have decided to wear my hair out natural, which has helped me to feel empowered. I no longer feel as though my skin isn’t beautiful. I am really happy and proud of who I have become.
All women go through many struggles, my dream is to create a positive message and help women to take time out to look after and love themselves.
I created My Ebony Box as the UK’S unapologetic gift to us as black women to help celebrate who we are and help look after our mind, body and soul on a monthly basis

What's your brand ethos?
We help women LOOK good, FEEL good and BE phenomenal!  We provide women with a one stop shop to self-care featuring hair, skin, lifestyle, arts and cultural products, helping to empower, uplift and enrich your mind, body and soul.
Our box is curated for women of colour by women of colour. Looking after your inner and outer beauty for you to love the skin you're in!
We feature and help to platform at least 3 black businesses per month.

Why did you feel there was a need for your lifestyle box in the market?
Us as women need to be able to celebrate our beauty freely after years of being made to feel we may not be as beautiful because we aren’t catered for as much as our European friends in fashion, beauty and the media.
Even though we have come a long way with society now beginning to accept certain parts of our black culture there is still a long journey to go on before we are no longer treated like the minority when it comes to our money, we are actually with majority, with black buying power being at its strongest.
I hate the fact how we often have to go to back alley shops, where I have experienced, lack of product knowledge and bad customer service to get my hair products because mainstream shops refuse to acknowledge that black women do exist when stocking up their hair and beauty aisles.
I have to help women feel included and to understand that they do matter and to stop feeling pressured to conform to what society has told them they should be and help them to judge their beauty on their own culture standards.

You started your business this year. How does it feel to be running a business?
Yes I launched official in October and It feels amazing knowing that I am running my own business. It can be very scary but every day I wake up with pride and determination as I know I am changing the lives of women. I can honestly say when you are doing a job you are passionate about it doesn’t feel like to just a job, it feels like a way of life a must! I feel that I have a lot to prove, I want to always add value to peoples lives.
I have to be very resourceful as this is a growing business. I love designing, being creative and getting crafty so I design all of our inspirational collection and also print the mugs myself.
I also wish i could magic more hours in a day as there doesn't seem to be enough now a days lol.

Has there been any struggles getting to the point of launching?
Before launching I ran my own mug printing and gift service. 1 day I had a brainwave, I loved when people receive their special gifts, I had started to make African inspired gifts which lead me to start thinking about wouldn’t it be great if I could put some black girl magic in a box and spread love to women.
It was an easy decision to think about wanting to launch My Ebony Box, however launching it as a subscription box isn’t easy, especially when you have to earn trust with people who have no idea who you are. You start social media with no followers and expect companies to want to put their products in your box? You can think again, it has taken a lot of careful planning, growing of social media to get the right responses.
When curating a subscription box, you want to try and please every woman with the content that goes in the box which sometimes makes it difficult to plan and make decisions.

What kind of products can we expect in future boxes?
We have lots of exciting products coming up but that would be telling, if I told you all before the time is right. What I will say is that we our a lifestyle box and would love to keep exciting our subscribers with relevant and new products. My Ebony Girl will be launching very soon as we believe it is important to keep our little princesses inspired.

Where can people buy your products?
You can buy your My Ebony Box at

You have also start your own line of empowering shirts, stationary and mugs. do you see this line expanding?
Our range is definitely expanding, spreading positivity is one of our core values. We don’t want to just empower women, we want the whole family to be included in our range. Our aim is to become a one- stop shop to all your lifestyle gift needs.

Where do you seen My Ebony Box going?
My Ebony Box, is more than just a box, it’s a lifestyle, a sisterhood and a movement to help empower women, platform & celebrate women and their beauty. I cant say too much but I can share that after My Ebony girl, we want to expand onto providing a variety of different boxes.

Be sure to check out My Ebony Box, their subscription boxes will make for a great Christmas present that keeps on giving with 3,6,12 month subscription options.

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