Mour Mour Creme


The second company I would like to shine some light as part of my 'Buy Black' series makes homemade natural products for hair body and beards.
Due to the products being made with only natural ingredients, Mour Mour Creme products can be used by all hair types and is safe for use for all ages.

I purchased all three of the Mour Mour hair Cremes (Shea, Mint and Mango), protective Hair cover and their Coconut & Mint Hot Oil Treatment. Also there is an option to get a lucky dip for £2* which you have the chance to get: a free product, half of your order for free. I ended up with a free product ( MourBody). Everything came up to £23.47, including shipping.

Mour Hair Cremes - MourMint, MourMango and MourShea
I struggled a little with the texture of the the MourMango so put it in some water and used it as a 'leave in' instead.
Since I've started to use Mour Hair Cremes I have noticed that my hair doesn't get tangled as much as it used to, its more malleable and hold styles like a twist out and bantu knots longer. Out of the three my favourite would have to be the MourMint.

  - contains shea and mango butter and vitamin E
I've not used whipped shea butter before I appreciated the soft texture. The creme is lightweight and doesn't feel greasy and left my skin feeling soft. This has become a permanent fixture in my handbag.

Mour Oil Treatment
 - contains coconut and peppermint oil.
This just needs to put in some hot water to be malleable. Coat hair strands root to ends then cover hair with a plastic cap and leave for at least 30 minutes. Then I shampooed and conditioned my hair as normal. After the treatment my hair feel a lot softer and my curls looked a lot more defined. The hot oil treatment definately left my hair feeling a really moisturised.

All these products are handmade with love. These products do work and they aren't limited to a certain hair or skin type, any one can use them. Simple natural ingredients to encourage the growth of healthy hair and soft and smooth skin.

The size of the the oil treatment is not stated on the site, its around 10ml for £4.99 which I feel is rather pricey for the size.

I would definitely recommend you try out some products from Mour Mour Creme you won't regret it. I will be topping my cupboard up soon with these products. Personally, I would love to see some more scented products, I cant wait to see where this company goes.

*This option is no longer available.

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