Interview with the owner: Kimoni Bell


I recently came across an up and coming brand, Mour Mour Creme. I found out that the owner is young mother with a strong ethics. Featured in February's Chocobelle box her brand is growing day by day she kindly took the time out to answer some of my questions.

Who is behind Mour Mour Creme?
My name is Kimoni Bell, I am 22 years young & a mother to Princess Amour.

How long has Mour Mour Creme been around?
MourMourCreme launched officially April 2016! However we started our journey December 7th 2015! 

What is your brand ethos?
Inspired by Amour, mixed with guidance and sent with blessings. 

My daughter is my motivation. 

Why did you feel there was a need for your product in the market?
I didn't necessarily feel there was a need for my products but more of a need for my service.  When seeking to buy new things from new companies, I was always the person to ask 101 question, read every review and browse the whole website etc. That's why with @Mourmourcreme I am so open, I answer questions alllll day long, I advise people personally depending on their individual needs and I am honest. If my product isn't for them, il show them one that is. 

What makes your products different from others out at the moment?
My products are made in the comfort of my own home, everything is home made from the labels to the Creme. We pride ourselves in being genuine as we try our hardest to adhere to everyone's needs. Who else do you know that prays over every single batch? Each order is literally sent with blessings. 

Where can consumers buy your product?
You can purchase our products at 

Do you see your ranges expanding anytime soon?
Oh yes! We are currently working on some very exciting things. We are trying to wait until December to release, but we keep getting really excited. 

Kimoni Bell 

If you haven't already, head over to Kimoni's website and try out some of her product, with the weather getting colder her MourBody is perfect to protect skin from the cold and aid in preventing dry skin. Let me know what you try out and what you think.

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