Toxic Friendships


In a society, where people are hashtagging their friendship group or circle with squad or others with squad goals. How often do we step back and actually look at our group of friends and think you're actually no good for me or how are we making each other better?

What is a toxic friendship?

  • One-sided, only one person is making an effort while the other is taking advantage,
  • The person is totally dependant on you to do everything,
  • Uses up the majority of your time with no remorse,
  • The friendship feels like an effort,
  • Non-stop arguments/conflict,
  • Unpredictable/Inconsistent,
  • Decline in mental + physical health,
  • Refuses to see their flaws (no matter how many times its bought up),
  • Betrays you, not truly invested in the friendship and often betrays your trust,
  • Only cares about their issues,
  • Aren't truly happy for you,
  • Don't care enough to keep in touch.

How to end a Toxic Friendship.

Accept it won't be easy - they'll probably try and find a way back into your life, you might have to tell them to leave you alone several times.
Do it face to face - by doing it in public you control the situation. By talking to them in person reduces the chance of them causing a scene and if they do cause any problems you can just get up and leave.
Block them - social media makes it harder for you to distance yourself, so block them where possible.
Speak your mind - I know this can be really hard but maybe the other person has no idea that what they are doing is even effecting you. Let them know how you feel, but don’t try to fix or change them.

Under the influence of a toxic person, you'll second guess yourself on most of your decisions. They can make you feel sad and ashamed about your own progress and well being.
I have been in a toxic friendship myself where my friend exhibited several of the signs listed above whenever I was around this person, I was not myself I felt emotionally tired. It took a long time before I could build up the courage and end the friendship for my sake. It wasn't an easy feat but it had to be done.What I have noticed is when people are in toxic friendships is that they feel bad for even thinking about calling quits. You have to know you are allowed to leave toxic friendships. You can walk away Its alright to step away from someone when they are going through something, most importantly when their baggage is causing you to spiral downwards emotionally and mentally. For your sake walk away.

'You are only are going to be as good as the people you surround yourself with so be brave enough to to let go of those who keep weighing you down'

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