Natural Hair Profile: Liz


New to the world of all things natural hair is my long time friend Liz who kindly answered some of my questions, (finally -_-),  about her natural hair journey so far.

How long have you been natural?
I began my natural hair journey in 2013. However, I did texturize my hair once or twice (face calm). So that being said I officially started my natural hair journey this summer!! YAAAS, summer sixteen is when I decided to chop off my relaxed ends and embrace my natural hair.

How did you go natural?
I had done the BIG CHOP, ok ok BIG TRIM because I was finding it difficult to maintain all the different textures in my hair. My hair would get extremely tangled after washing and during the blow drying stage. Also, I disliked the look of the relaxed ends as my natural hair had become really full and super thick.

What do you love about being natural? Why did you decide to go natural?
I have been natural for four months now, and I can honestly say it’s been easier for me to maintain my hair. I love having full hair and I love, love, love my natural hair texture especially when it is wet. Also, no more relaxing my hair means no more relaxer burns, oh yes!

What do you struggle with being natural?
There have been some cons, for example, I am still struggling with knowing what quick hairstyles to do with my natural hair, before going out and about.

What's your hair care regimen?
I am definitely still learning about what hair care regime works for me, but I am constantly doing protective hairstyles such as, plaits, weave and braids (but you have to save your edges, honey). I will most likely leave my hair out more often during the summer period rather than the winter season to avoid breakage.

What are your favourite hair product?
My number one go to favourite product is BMB 100% pure coconut oil, I can’t go wrong with such a simple yet effective oil. You can get coconut oil from mostly all hair shops, I paid £3.99 for mine.

What's your favourite hairstyle? How do you maintain it?
Flat twist out is my go to hairstyle. After I condition and wash my hair I dry it with a towel or you can use an old shirt. I add a little bit of shea butter to my hair and I begin to detangle my hair with a wide tooth comb and my fingers. Subsequently, I partition my hair for twists and I add my preferred hair lotion/cream. Then I let it air dry, but if it is really wet I use a blow dryer on low heat.

At night, I use a silk scarf or sleep on a silk pillow case, then in the morning I undo the twist with a little bit of castor oil to help maintain my desired look. Afterwards, I style my hair using edge control, a comb (for a side part) and a large band. I add volume to my hair by applying a bit of lotion and water on my hands, after rubbing my hands together I apply the product to my hair by squeezing different sections of my hair to style and create volume.

At night, re-flat twist my hair and repeat the same maintenance process the next morning.

Do you have any advice for other naturals?
Advice for other naturals:
       * Check out various YouTube tutorials for tips and hairstyle inspirations
       * It might be more cost effective to attend hair shows when you can, as you can get access to free samples and learn more about natural hair
       * Find what works for you, you don’t need to buy all products
       * The quality of your hair is more important than the length of your hair. Don’t feel pressurised into having long hair. There are so many people with short hair and they slayyyy!!! Next time you are out and about have a look, or check out big chop videos on Youtube.

Below is a list of products I recently used when styling my hair: -
Hair Cream
BMB Coconut oil mixed with 100% Natural Shea butter (from Nigeria). This product is mixed by me.

Hair Styling Cream
Talihah Waajid Kinky, Wavy, Natural Herbal Style and Shine
Talihah Waajid Pure & Natural Shea-Coco Natural Hair With Shea Butter & Coconut Oil Style Cream Made For 3C To 4C Curl Patterns

Hair lotion
Design Essentials Natural Daily Moisturizing Lotion
Sunny Isle Jamaican 100% Natural Black Caster Oil

Edge control
Design essentials Natural Honey & Shea Edge Tamer
Play’ n Stay Pure Alcohol Free Edge and Style Control

Hair Spray
ORS Hair Repair Protect & Shine Sheen Spray with Sunflower
Oil & Grapeseed Oil For Dull & Dry Hair

Be sure to follow Liz on her Twitter Account: @E_DoubleO I'm sure she's more than willing to answer any question about her journey thus far.

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