Weight Loss Update


A little over two months ago I decided to start loosing weight. I started out by cutting out carbs which worked really well but I love them oh so much, so I had carbs only once a week. The day before I went on holiday just under a month ago was my weigh - in day, I'm happy to say that I had lost a stone (hurray!!) But unfortunately I lost all will power on my holiday as I was offered baskets and baskets full of fresh bread. Fortunately, I only put on 4lbs from this holiday. Which I have now lost. 

I am sticking with my no carbs as it has proved to work. I'll introducing better carbs to my diet, so instead of white rice I'll have either quinoa or cous cous.
I have stopped snacking which is a good thing but have noticed my water intake is not great so that is my goal for the next month; to make sure I have my RDA of water (3L).

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