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I feel like a positive light needs to be shone on the black community. It is a time that we should be investing in ourselves and our community. For the rest of the year I am going to try and shine a light on UK black owned business at least once a month. To get a directory of UK Black Owned Businesses you can find them at UK Black Owned Twitter or their website.
L-R: 064 - Out of this World, R44 - Tickled Pink,190 - All that Glitters, 139 - Pinch Me, 166 Dont Be a Pratt, 180 - Havana Rose

The first company is Honeylove Cosmetics London, who currently sell nail polishes (or nail nectars). The nail nectars come in 6 colours, 3 plain and 3 shimmer colours. These nail nectars are vegan and cruelty free!
For the six shades it is £20, which works out to be just over £3 which is a bargain. For an extra £1, the polishes come packaged in a Honeylove Box. Postage depends on how many polishes you buy ranging from £3.70 to £6.50. Every Honeylove Box comes with a free gift, I was gifted some cuticle oil.
Honeylove Box
'Honeycomb' Detail on handle

I'll be using the following rubic for these nail nectars;
Finish- how vibrant the colour dry,
Drying Time - how long it takes to dry
Application  - how many coats needed
Long lasting - how long the colour lasts before chipping. I tested two colours 190 - All That Glitters; a  glitter shade with coral pink undertones and 180 - Havana Rose which is a beautiful light apricot.

Finish: 5
Dries with a nice sheen not an over the top shine, shimmer/glitter colours have a smooth finish you can't feel the glitter.

Drying time: 4.5 
These dried remarkably fast. I tend to be very impatient waiting for nail polish to dry but these were dry in a rather short amount of time.

Application: 3
I had to put on a few coats (around 4) to get good coverage and a strong colour.

Long lasting: 4.5
Due to my job nail polish tends to start chipping within a days or so, with out a top coat and due to the constant handwashing. With these the lasted through the constant hand washing without a top coat. After 3/4 days I started getting chipped nails. To me these are very long lasting as I wash my hands at least 20 times a day,

The colours are long lasting without the benefit of a top coat to extend it. Gives a smooth finish with a sheen that eliminates the need for a top coat.

Nothing to do with the product itself but not having a site to navigate round to purchase the products
Not a big fan of having to apply a few coats to give a good coverage, but the colour payout at the end of is worth it.

Overall: 17 /20
I would definitely recommend this brand and will be buying from them again as soon as they bring out more colours.

Where to buy:
Honeylove does not have a site at the moment but takes payments and orders through Paypal and email. (listed at the end of the post)

Honeylove Cosmetics were kind enough to answer some of my questions to allow you to give you insight about what this company is all about.

HL no background .jpg
Who is behind Honey Love Cosmetics?
The owner/ CEO of Honeylove Cosmetics London is Miss Debbie Craig

How long has Honey Love Cosmetics been around?
The idea of Honeylove started from 2014 but became physical in 2015, our first product was the Alter ego lashes. We had 5 pairs of custom made lashes names after 5 different female personalities.  

What is your brand ethos?
It's not about the products, it's about how they make our customers feel. We aim to make every single HL participant feel like a bad B - which we would redefine as a Bad Boss. We stand for classy, bubbly and there for more intellectual female bosses. I personally believe girls seem to be afraid to help and assist each other but at the Beehive everyone is boss, a leader - A diva in her own right. We motivate each other and aim to be the biggest girl spot even before its a beauty brand. The house of honey is a group of consumers who have this Culture about them. If you see ourpages especially our twitter {@Honeylovecos} you see our way of life. The Sweet life, because it's meant to be.

Why did you feel there was a need for your product in the market?
In 2014, The beauty market was one that if you had a good niche or selling point your brand would be successful. A year in of doing the HL human hair lashes i noticed a few things personally. The market was becoming saturated, everybody was selling eyelashes in 2015. I became alarmed but by luck the idea of the nail nectars came. I asked the timeline, What colour nails they loved while i was getting my nails done before my birthday date and BINGO… i realised a gap in the market and to make it even better my products were Vegan - a usp in the nail industry. I started thinking of how many other do what we do, Couldn't think of many uk black independant nail polish brands. I went ahead to save all the money i had been saving since  2014 and took the leap of faith. I was constantly asking my audience what they wanted, how they want it and when they wanted it - The product was made for the people, by the people.

What makes your nail polishes different from the others out at the moment?
Honeylove nail nectars are 5 -toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor and dibutyl phthalate. Which mean they cause no harm to your nails what's so ever. It's clean, cheap, vegan  and easy to use.  Secondly, our packaging is if i must say is BEAUTIFUL . I personally took my time from the 7th/11/2015 to hand pick our packaging,  The gold cap was inspired by the Bees skillfulness and attention to detail- i personally thought it was too much but it was the last thing i allowed my consumers to see because i wanted them to have the element of surprise. It's all luxury, from the cap to the bottle to the way it's delivered to you. I personally pack all the products myself and have been since 2014 - i want to make our packaging the usp within this niche market especially as a uk black business. Quality and presentation is everything and more, our customer service and experience is as important with Positive feedback from our Girls . Asides from the product, our pages give a vibe of a chilled spot where you can laugh and gist with your crew. We have fun activities for all of us to join in on this summer in the works also being decided via live polls on our social pages - you wouldn't find that anywhere else

Where can consumers buy your product?
I am currently in the process of getting a site up, We take orders via email or Dm whatever suits the customer. If you currently follow our social pages you will be well aware of all the upcoming HL news.
I would like to use this time to mention i am looking for a team of all ethnic ladies who will represent the brand and help me out because i can no longer do this all alone. Everyone is welcome just send us an email to Honeylovecosmetics@gmail.com with a photo and why you would want to become a House of honey girl ! we will be having loads of fun this summer, please make sure you 18+.

You only have 6 colours do you see your range expanding anytime soon?
We only have 6 at the moment but we are planning to expand into more shades for you bad b’s, we are not shy to any suggestions so if you have a colour request please get at us with pictures or examples.  We are working on a collaboration currently to make a Honeylove duo acrylic sets so you can have long lasting colours wherever you go .We will be bringing out 6 shades very soon so hang on… we are going to bee very busy !

Miss Craig
Ceo of Honeylove cosmetics London

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