Travel essentials


It's days before you are going on holidays and you are looking at your empty bag and a pile of things stacked around your room not knowing what to pack, worried you'll forget something. Here's a fail safe list to follow when travelling.
I'm finally going on my first proper holiday of the year in a couple weeks. These items I always have with me in my carry on bag, have these with you and you'll be ready for anything.

A sturdy roomy bag. 
If I have a bag in the hold I don't tend to carry a hand luggage suitcase, I rather carry a weekend bag that can fit all of my things instead.  So in this bag I will have the following;

Ticket/Boarding Pass
Travel insurance 
These three are in everybody's bags without a doubt otherwise you are going nowhere. Most airline lets you add you ticket/boarding pass to your passbook on your phone, this is a good option if you're one of those people that tends to have too much in your bag or don't want loose paper. Just be sure to charge your phone before getting to the airport. When buying travel insurance, make sure that all activities that you intend to participate in during your trip are covered.

If you are taking your debit/credit card inform your bank that you are travelling abroad so they dont stop transactions while you are away.

Not all airlines provide meals or you have to buy an inflight meal. Packing snacks allows you have something during the flight and for you midnight snackers, you can bring your favourite treat along with you if you aren't too adventurous to try local snacks.

Book/ magazine
Books or magazine serve as a in flight entertainment when music and movies aren't cutting. Flights and poolside lounging are perfect times to catch up on books.

Hand sanitizer/wipes
I generally carry hand sanitiser with me everywhere but think it should be in everyone's travel bags. I use wipes on the plane to wipe down all surfaces because you just don't know how often they are cleaned and what people put on those little pull out tables. 

When I say medication that covers a few types, general pain relief like paracetamol and ibruprofen. Just incase of any aches and pains. Vitamins, when on holiday we don't generally think about what our intake is so taking some multivitamins ensures that you are getting our daily doasge of vitamins. The all important pill to bring along is anti diarrhoeal medicine, nobody wants to spend the majority of their holiday sat on toilet so this saves you and your stomach.

Change of clothes
A pair of footwear
I carry at least one outfit in my bag, this is to cover me just in case something happens to my suitcase along the way, it means I  don't want be stuck in the same outfit that I had just spent the day travelling in.

Headphones + extra earphones
Noise cancelling headphones are the best especially for flights with distressed little children. An extra pair is there as a backup just incase something happens to your first pair during your trip. 

To capture those all important memories that in good quality, sometimes our phones aren't just the best at catching those all important memories.

Pen + notebook
I always carry a notebook and pen around with me to jot down random thoughts and ideas. Also a pen can help when you're travelling to place where you have to fill out a customs or border control pen.

When buying sunglasses the most fashionable pair may be your number one choice but make sure your sunglasses offer you 100% UV ray protection.

During your flight a lot of air is being pumped into the plane that can be very drying to your skin, carrying a moisturiser allows you to give your skin some hydration when needed. 

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