Product Review: Keracare Naturals


Everyone and their mother knows that I'm a Cantu girl, but of late I have felt that my hair needs that extra something. So while I was at the Afro Hair and Beauty Show I attended the KeraCare Stand where they were offering a free sessions looking at your scalp and offering a 'Hair Prescriptions'. The people at the stand were lovely. during the session they used a probe that provides a closer look at your scalp and hair follicles. Thank God my scalp looks healthy, but was told that I was placing too much oil based products on my scalp and hair, the reason behind this could be due to the products I am using aren't providing me with enough moisture and I need to add more to it.

So I thought Id try their line to see if I get what I am missing from my usual products. From KeraCare's Natural Textures line I purchased a Cleansing Cream, a Leave In Conditioner and a Deep Moisturisng Masque.

My wash day was a few day ago so it was the perfect time for me to try out my new products. I used the cleansing cream first. The cream is a Sulfate Free Moisturizing Curl Wash, it is said to eliminate scalp bacteria leaving hair healthier, as well as moisturising and nourishing the scalp. Usually I don't tend to detangle my hair when I am shampooing my hair I tend to do it with a conditioner. This time I did, following the products instruction. Using a wide tooth comb, detangling came with ease I usually take a long time to detangle my hair (at least 10-15 mins) but I can say that the time reduced by at least half. After rinsing and towel drying my hair, I used their leave in conditioner on my damp hair and ran the wide tooth comb through my hair and then styled.  

I love how easy it was to detangle my hair, but it did feel weird not using any conditioner. But I felt my hair was more manageable and I did not have to use any additional products after the leave in conditioner while styling my hair. My hair felt like it had the moisture it needed already and had a shine to it that I would add products to my hair previously to get.

The two things I have against these products are that is that I wish they were a larger size as a 240ml bottle will only last a few washes and the cleansing cream even though it cleans your hair and scalp it doesn't replace using a clarifying shampoo.

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