Weight Loss Journey


I recently posted about being plus size. I am happy being plus size and I am happy with who I am, but this past year and a bit my weight has ballooned and I am not generally alright with the weight I have put on, so I will be documenting this weight loss. I am not losing weight to be skinny or thin. I am losing weight to be happy and healthier than I am this present moment. I wont be using any dramatic or unhealthy methods during this process. This moment in time I do not have a target weight but that may change as I progress.

I have actually started this journey 2 weeks ago. I started a low/no carb diet, as carbs are probably my main issue that and snacking. I have stopped drinking juices and I'm cutting out dairy for a while too. I am making sure that I drink at least 1.5l of water everyday. I work in a laboratory so a lot of the work I do is while sitting down, so I have opted to not use my chair for at least half the day to motivate me to move around more. During these two weeks, I lost 7lbs! 

My goals for next month is to join the gym and to attend at least twice a week, and to attempt to have breakfast at least 5 days a week.

Stay tuned to see my progress.

M x

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