Anyone that knows me know I love presents. I really like guessing what the present is and have ruined the whole build up to a present a few times but guessing what it is before I even touch it. My birthday was in February but I was unable to get my presents from people. A few weeks ago while recording my about me video some of my friends took it as an opportunity to give me my birthday presents. 

This year I was lacking a birthday wish list as there was nothing I was really yearning for. One of my friends I can tell she really listens to my constant wants and need because she always gets me things I even forgot I've said I wanted, she is definitely the best present giver. Shout out to you mate!!

Quite possibly the only thing I've been wanting but never have wanted to buy it for myself is a food mixer and what did I get this year a food mixer, I may have ruined the surprise of this gift but I love it. I have already used it to make some cake and it makes the whole baking and clean up process a lot easier and quicker.

I was also gifted some make up, From Make Up For Ever, I got a diamond finish eyeshadow in 552 Crystalline Grey Beige, its a really simple taupe colour that's perfect for blending, it is very pigmented. The eyeshadow payoff is far greater when applied wet, a little goes a long way when wet as the pigmentation is really intense. I also received a shimmering bronzing powder by Sephora, which is said to give you a long lasting healthy glow.

I think all of my coffee mug bar one have been gifts from friends, so to add to my ever growing collection I was gifted a nice plain white mug with a nice little message on it 'Love the life you live, Live the life you love'. I absolutely love scented candles I can't go a week with lighting one or buying a new one and these candles from smell so sweet but aren't too overpowering that they are sickly. Once these run out which I am sure will be soon I will definitely be buying larger sized versions of these. I also got a nice little frame with a sweet little poem about friends.

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