Natural Hair Profile: Maggie C


In honour of Natural Hair Week (30 April - 7 May), I am going to dedicate the majority of this month's posts to all things Natural Hair. Starting off with a little interview of my friend, namesake and fellow naturalista.

How long have you been natural?
I've been natural for, I think 3 years now.

How did you go natural?
I went natural by transitioning, so I wasn't part of the big chop crew.

What's your hair type?
I think my hair is type 4b/c but most likely 4b.

Why did you decide to go natural?
I decided to go natural because I missed my afro hair and wanted to see if I could do it because other girls and boys were fearlessly rocking theirs. Looking at my pictures when I was 5 years old gave me that extra push. 

What do you love about being natural?
I love the thickness of the hair and the versatility. I've recently discovered how to get those cute curly ends, and I just love that it's my hair in its natural form.

What do you struggle with being natural?You know when they say the struggle is real, yeah. Sometimes it is very real on washday, but that could just be down to pure laziness. I struggle with the fact that sometimes it doesn't look how I want it to look or as long as I would like it to be, slowly but surely I'll get there.

What's your hair care regimen?
I soak my hair in oils (JBCO, Coconut, Argan etc) before I co-wash once a week and deep condition every 2 weeks. In between washes I will massage my hair with a bit of oil and leave in conditioner. Because of this I want to start shampooing my hair (with a sulphate-free shampoo as advised) once in a while to get rid of the build up of oil. 

What are your favourite hair product?
I use Cantu, Shea Moisture, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, aloe vera and any good oils out there.

What's your favourite hairstyle? How do you maintain it?
Recently I've been having my hair in a bun(s) a lot but thats just because of convenience but my favourite hairstyle would probably be to leave it after a good twist out or wash and go.

Advice for other naturals?
My advice to naturals is to keep going! The going might get tough and they'll be days you just wanna chop it of but dont. I've noticed hair has got much stronger in the last few years than before and I want to say it breaks less and you need a bit more force to break it. I dont apply to much heat to my hair either if at all. My hair has definitely grown and is growing healthier. All it needs is some good TLC and a regime that works for it. And dont expect an overnight transition.

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