Natural Hair Week Haul Part 2


So here is what else I have added to my hair product collection.

I have seen Ossat Naturals before at another hair show but its a brand that I am fairly new to. I just bought one product from them, their Natural Oils Moisture Mist, it contains 5 natural oils that repair, provide nourishment, give frizz and humidity control, prevents damage when heat styling and is a skin hydrator so your scalp will be moisturised. Each item from the Ossat table were priced at £5

Now onto the majority of my haul, which is CANTU products. I bought some new products and replenished some old that have run out.
I bought the Extra Hold Edge Stay Gel for my sister, as I know she'll love it and even the edge gel smells delicious. I bought the Moisturising Twist and Lock Gel to try out, it is supposed to give twists & locs a silky smooth hold by controlling frizz. Next is the Oil Sheen Deep Conditioning Spray, I use this when I have my hair in box braids as I tend to adopt the 'out of sight out of mind' mind set and my hair care regimen for my hair slacks. The spray adds moisture, softens hair while providing a shine.
As well as the spray, I bought the Conditioning Creamy Hair Lotion. This product provides moisture. conditions, softens and aids in detangling hair. I use a small amount of this on my hair when I have box braids to give my braids that nice shine.
The next three products are new products that I haven't tried out yet, they are the Wave Whip Curling Mousse, the Comeback Curl Next Day Revitalizer and the Coconut Oil Shine & Hold Mist
My holy grail of products, my favourite go to product the Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream, this product gives my hair so much moisture and definition when I use it. I tend to use it on its own, I finger comb it through my hair, it leaves no residue, it is not heavy on your hair. I can't remember how much each item was, but I do remember that the total for all the Cantu products were £26.50

As I finish writing this post I've remembered the one product I've ran out of I forgot to buy *sigh*, I ran out of my Cantu Coconut Curling Cream, which I use on my twists when I want to have twist outs, I guess until next time.

With all these products old and new I'm waiting in anticipation to take out my box braids to try them out!

I am self-proclaimed product junkie, what brand can you not live without or have several products by?

M x 

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