Natural Hair Facts!


A few weeks ago I went to the Natural Hair week Event in Birmingham, during the event I attending a handful of events and talks.  Here are some facts I picked up from the event.

Increasing intake of vitamins could be beneficial for hair growth but it could also be detrimental. When taking supplements make sure you take the recommended daily allowance of vitamins, as exceeding 100% can sometimes cause more damage than benefits.
 - Iron is important for hair growth as it aids blood cells in carrying oxygen.
 - Vitamin B12, aids in the production of red blood cells.
Too much of the following can cause issues;
 - Vitamin A, can cause hair loss
 - Vitamin E, increase blood pressure
 - Vitamin B6, numbness in hands and feet
 - Calcium, inhibits the absorption of Iron and Zinc
 - Biotin (VitH), aids in the metabolic rate increasing CO2 to cells 

Stress can affect the absorption of minerals and vitamins.

When you are out in the sun and you think that your hair is getting lighter, it is getting lighter but its not a good thing, it is actually degradation of your hair. 

Thinning occurs is mainly due to genetic or internal changes not external chemical changes.

Sebum (an oily secretion) is an antibacterial substance. if there scalp doesn't have enough sebum present it can cause folliculitis. Folliculitis is the inflammation of hair follicles which can be cause by either bacterial or fungal infections. 

Jojoba oil has a similar chemical make up to sebum.

Using Aqueous Cream on the scalp can be benefical.

Coconut Oil is the only oil that penetrates the hair shaft fully.

Deep Condition for longer than an hour has no additional benefits.

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