As much as I don't like to celebrate getting older each year, I can eventually be persuaded to do something. I have one friend, lets call her Liz, who actually doesn't mind doing nothing. Nothing at all. So me being the great friend that I am, I organised a surprise dinner with her boyfriend. He was my ninja stealing numbers. Now the number one thing to be said about Liz is that she hates being surprised. And I learnt that in university, when I arranged a surprise birthday dinner for her as well. But she was truly grateful to be able to celebrate her birthday at the end of the day. So why not do it again.

One thing I learnt while trying to arrange this dinner was guys and planning do not mix at all. AT ALL.  It did not help that our work hours are all over the place and I'm not in the city. But he fell short on the number one rule don't let the celebrant know you are planning anything. He let the ball drop and let her see some of our messages. Luckily we could clean up the mishap and keep the surprise going.

I honestly thought I wasn't going to be able to make it to this dinner with the week I was having. 
I felt that this week I was truly being tested, I had pretty much had the week from hell. I had to deal with a new housemate being very petty and spiteful, restless nights and long workdays and a six day work week. In the end, I made it and I was grateful and glad that I was able to help celebrate my buddy's birthday.  

We chose the restaurant Cabana, as Liz had mentioned before to her boyfriend that she wants to try it out. Under the ruse that they were going after missing their dinner reservation the day before. Its safe to say that that she was surprised, especially as her family were there too.

Cubana had a nice environment, but I feel the customer service lets them down, we had to wait quite a while for food and drinks while the servers can be seen having conversations. Different orders where also bought to the table. But they did have a wide range of drinks alcoholic and non-alcoholic too. Their Caipirinhas are overpowered by the alcohol you cant really taste the fruit in the drink. Overall its a great place and the food really does make up for the cons.

The Birthday Girl And Me

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