Natural Hair Journey


Just over 4 years ago, I decided to go natural. For those of you that don't know what I mean by this. I used to chemically straighten my hair every 6-8 weeks, for years. I decided to stop this and let my hair grow without altering my hair texture. I don't have some type of awakening story or something dramatic happened to my hair.
In late 2010, I followed the hype at the time and shaved half of my hair. While it looked nice I did not think about the frustration that growing my hair out would give me. When it was growing out it would grow at at different lengths, this lead to me having to relax my hair more frequently than I'd like due to my new growth showing quicker than normal. After 1 year and few months of this I had given up on relaxing my hair. I had started stretching (leaving a long time between relaxing hair) it had been around 6 months before my last relaxer. Then one day, during a study break I started trimming my ends. Centimetres soon became inches and next things I knew I started cutting all my relaxed ends off. My housemate came to my room, while I was doing this and thankfully made sure that I cut all my relaxed hair and pretty much helped me with what I count as my big chop. So essentially I chose to go natural out of boredom and frustration. I never really liked relaxing my hair especially as my scalp tends to burn easily. 

My decision to go natural was not based on research, so as soon as I cut off my relaxed hair I put my hair in braids. While my hair was in braids, I used this time to do some research on how to look after and maintain natural hair.
My go to sites and videos were, Curlynikki, My Natural Sistas, naptural85, Black Girl with Long Hair and pinterest.

When I decided to go natural, it was very hard to find decent priced products for natural hair here in the UK, as it wasn't as 'popular' to be natural as it is now.
People tend to have this misconception that some people go natural because its cheaper, well that is a lie. Hairdressers tend to charge extra when they see that you have natural hair. Also when you first go natural, you kind of turn into a product junkie while trying to find products that work well with your hair.

Since becoming natural I will admit that I am a product junkie, it really does come with the territory. As much as I like trialling other brands, I stay loyal to Shea Moisture and Cantu. I may be a little bit addicted to Cantu hair products, they are very moisturising and the smell is AH-MAY-ZING! My hair cupboard smells of Cantu magic and I'm not mad about it.

One thing I find myself used doing at the beginning of my journey and I'm sure that others do too, I tend to compare my hair growth to others. I've learnt not to do it but I catch myself doing it every now and then, but not as often. I guess its just human nature to compare ourselves to others.
There are days that that I am close to giving in to that creamy crack, but the length, health and how full and how diverse my hair can be stops me. I'm in love with my hair and glad to wear it as my crown.

Are you natural? How long have you been natural and why did you decide to go natural?

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