Nail Care


As a healthcare professional, my love for nail art does not mix with working in a lab. When it comes to nails and healthcare, there should be not artificial nails or nail extensions. Bacteria such as Corynebacterium, Pseudomonas, Staph and Yeasts can be found under the nails if not looked after properly. Artificial nails have been epidemiologically linked to outbreaks of yeasts certain types of bacteria (gram-negative bacilli). Artificial nails have been said to increase the likelihood of transmitting harmful bacteria to patients.
Chipped nail polish and artificial nails/extensions provide the right environment to support growth of a large number of organisms on and underneath the fingernail. 

I luckily have found my way round having something a little special with my nails while still following the rules. These guidelines can be followed by all, not just those in healthcare.

  1. Nail polish traps moisture encouraging the growth of fungi, nail polish should be removed and re-polished every 4 days or as soon as they begin to chip.
  2. Don't bite your nail.
  3. Clip, don't rip off hang nail.
  4. Increase intake of biotin to encourage growth of stronger nails.
  5. Healthcare professionals should always opt for short clean nails, nails should ideally be 1/4 inch long 
  6. Wash hands thoroughly and use moisturising hand lotion.  
  7. Use cuticle oil for moisture to prevent splits or hang nail.

When using nail polish for work I tend to favour clear nail hardeners. My go to nail polishes are:
 - Barry M 3 in 1 Nail Paint in Clear. This nail polish is a base coat, top coat and nail hardener as well this nail polish is the cheapest of the three but it does chip alot quicker then the others.
 - The other two are part of the Rimmel Nail Nurse line, the first being the Rimmel Nail Nurse Care Rescue, this nail polish is a 14 day nail treatment that provides nails with a nice sheen. 
 - Last one being Rimmel Nail Nurse Nail Care Nail Perfector. As well as a nail hardener this nail polish doubles up as a base coat. This is my favourite as it does't chip within 4 days with the constant hand washing that occurs at work. Its gives more of a translucent coat than clear.

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