Life lessons learned in my 20s


I recently turn 25, and after every birthday I sit down and look over the past year and look at lessons learned, triumphs and failures. Although I'm only half way through my twenties here are a few of the lessons I've learnt. Some are engraved on my mind and some I'm still coming to terms with. Obviously I'm still learning and appreciate every moment. 

Not everyone is going to stay in your life. People will come and go.
Some people have a large group of friends. I have a small number of people in my circle that I can truly trust and connect with. Good friends are truly are hard to come by and there will be several people that will come into your life and you think that they are a lifelong friend, but as the saying says 'if you truly love something let it go and if it was meant to be it will come back' is true. if you constantly have to fight for friendship or a relationship with someone it might be time to accept its not meant to be.

Dont hold grudges, just forgive people move on and live your life.
I used to be the queen of holding grudges, it so time consuming. I've learnt to forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness, but because I deserve peace.

Don't settle.
This relates to all aspects of life; work, friendships and relationships. Time and time again I would see my friends settling with guys that don't treat them right or a job they weren't happy with because they feel that this is their peak. But as soon as you feel some type of doubt you should know its time to leave. You are worth more always, fight for what you deserve.

Take time out for you! It's OK to be selfish. Your happiness and health should always come first.
I've grouped these all together because they all fall under the same umbrella. Its not worth your health stressing over things that are a priority to you. Its not really being selfish if you are looking after yourself and doing what's best for you and your life.

Being patient in various aspects of life. Success does not happen overnight.
Its easy to start a project and expect success straight away, or looking at others and looking at their success. When you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to others it leads to heartbreak and disappointment and sometimes anger. In a world where social media reigns its easy to follow others progress, just remember everyone's path is different and your time will come.

Let me know some of your lessons learned.

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