Sweets and Treats USA Haul Part 1


I have just got back from a 2 week holiday visiting family, over Christmas in Austin, Texas. It was nice to have days of sunshine and warmer weather during winter. I had an empty suitcase with me, so I made it my mission to fill it up by the time I leave and I feel l had accomplished that.
Shea Moisture $4.99 - $12.99
Curls Curl Control Paste - $6.99
Having natural hair, finding good cheap hair products are hard to go by, so getting some cheap finds were on top of my list. Instead of buying a bunch of different brands I stuck with one, Shea Moisture. Shea moisture products are lightweight and the main ingredients aim to promote shine lock in moisture and promote hair elasticity, while supporting healthy hair growth. I also wanted to try some new products so I invested in some Curl Control Paste by Curls which is supposed to provide effortless frizz free curls which I am hoping will provide me with some extra curl definition.

Oreos - $2.99
- Peppermint, Peanut Butter, Triple Double Stuff, Birthday Cake & Golden
Skittles - $0.79
- Sour, Orchard & Wild Berries
M&Ms - $2.50
- Almond, Pretzel, Crispy & Peanut Butter
Everyone and anyone that knows me, knows that I have the biggest sweet tooth so filling the majority of my suitcase with sweet treats was surely a given. One thing I was upset about is that I couldn't find tropical skittles anywhere I'd pretty much searched everywhere.
 Bath & Body Works Fragrances $0.87 - $11.25
I am absolutely obsessed with everything Bath and Body Works, I make it my mission to hoard as much I can any time I can. Another plus about getting these items that freely available in the UK is that they were from an outlet, that was having a sale. My whole suitcase had such a sweet scent due to these. These are the products I have left after gifting a majority of what I bought.
Clear Improvement Active charcoal mask to clear pores - $25
I had bought this because I heard good news about this product, I wanted a little extra in my skincare routine so this is a good addition. I was glad to come across an origins store I really wish I couldve spent more time (and money) here, but I came across it late in my trip. The activated charcoal is supposed to act like a magnet to draw out dirt.

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